CC: Hiring resurgence for virtual events and music data analytics
November 25 2022

Our dedicated editorial vertical covering the future of work in the music business.

The Score: How Beatstar generated $73M in revenue — including $16M to rightsholders — in year one
November 21 2022

In September 2022, Space Ape Games announced that its mobile rhythm game Beatstar had generated $73 million in revenue — and shared over $16 million of its income with rightsholders, in a revenue-share model that is almost unheard of in the video game industry.

CC: Hiring competition for creator tools, plus NYC’s new salary transparency law
November 10 2022

Our new, collaborative editorial vertical about the future of work in the music business.

Sidechain: Web3 presave strategies, the death of FWB Local, and influencer disclosures
November 09 2022

Capturing the W&M community’s unique, early-adopter, critical pulse on the music/Web3 landscape, backed by ongoing reporting from our Web3 research team that you won’t find elsewhere.

Wavelengths 001: The state of music curation and discovery in Web3
November 07 2022

In late September, we hosted our first Wavelengths in Brooklyn, where industry leaders discussed Music Curation & Discovery in Web3.

Community Q&As
Community Member Q&A: Andres Botero, Manga Creative Studios
November 02 2022

To platform more voices from the Water & Music community, we’ve decided to reignite our Community Member Q&A section. Biweekly, we’ll be running a Q&A with W&M members doing particularly innovative or interesting work with music and technology.

New pathways: Analyzing music NFT release strategies from underrepresented genres
October 25 2022

We interviewed nearly 20 different artists and community leaders from underrepresented genres in Web3, to learn about the role of genre in shaping long-term branding strategies as well as artist sentiment around the technology.

The Score: What are the licensing opportunities for independent artists in video games?
October 23 2022

There’s been a significant rise in music and gaming collaborations across mobile games, rhythm games, virtual world platforms, and more. But the barriers to entry remain high for most independent artists.

CC: A new product focus for music/Web3, plus industry-wide metaverse and LatAm roles

Our new, collaborative editorial vertical about the future of work in the music business.

From ZKPs to the future of music/Web3: What we learned at DevCon
October 20 2022

Connecting the dots between the more technical, cutting-edge discussions taking place among Ethereum developers, and what artists and the music industry can expect (and how they can best prepare) in terms of potential upcoming changes to music/Web3 apps and use cases.

Sidechain: Future Tape joins Zora, new music/Web3 protocols, and new case studies in royalty-backed NFTs
October 12 2022

Introducing our new, collaborative editorial vertical dedicated to tracking the music/Web3 landscape.

A needs-driven approach to music NFT metadata

A proposal for a more minimalist, needs-driven approach to ironing out a music NFT metadata schema, grounded in emerging contextual use cases around the artist/fan journey in Web3.