Artificial intelligence
Left to our own devices: The state of creative AI tools for artists
May 20 2022

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are ushering in a whole new paradigm for music-making, where automated processes and tools are aiming to augment or even replace fundamental compositional and engineering skills.

DAO updates
The Water & Music Academy: An experiment in community-driven media education

How we created a music Web3 learning experience with and for our members — going from ideation to execution in just three months.

Discord digests
Discord digest #044: The piracy-to-Web3 pipeline, TikTok’s role as a record company
May 14 2022
Currents: New investments in AI music tools and music NFT platforms (despite the market slump)
May 11 2022
Music NFT sales in 2021: What we learned
May 06 2022

Over the last month, several contributors in the Water & Music community collaborated to analyze music NFT market dynamics, based on data from our members-only music NFT database. This report is the result — an in-depth analysis of 2021 music NFT sales by artist genre, platform/protocol, and label affiliation, covering over $86M worth of revenue, as well as a qualitative discussion of popular and emerging forms of utility that have emerged around the format in the last year.

Discord digests
Discord digest #043: Major-label dominance of Spotify playlists and “10k NFT projects”
April 29 2022
Currents: Alternative blockchains for music NFTs and the rise of niche music “metaverses”
April 24 2022
Discord digests
Discord digest #042: Web3 data portability, artist metaverses and the “intricate house of cards” of streaming economics
April 22 2022
Discord digests
Discord digest #041: Decentralized curation economies and fizzling metaverse hype
April 15 2022
Currents: Trad media tries out Web3
April 12 2022
Discord digests
Discord digest #040: Spotify’s latest Loud & Clear report and NFTs as a back-catalog strategy
April 01 2022
Discord digests
Discord digest #039: UnitedMasters x Yuga Labs and the “real” value of streaming
March 24 2022