Starter Pack: The Emerging Tech Guide for Independent Artists

The independent music sector continues to face several macro-level market challenges going into 2024.

As technological advancements make it easier than ever to create music, the market will become even more saturated beyond its current breaking point (an average of 103,500 new tracks hit streaming services each week in 2023). Emerging artists are competing directly with existing stars for audience attention — and, with impending changes in streaming payout models, some artists may be cut out from earning streaming royalties entirely.

Given these challenges, there is a clear case for artists and their teams to consider engaging with emerging technologies — encompassing digital innovations like AI, VR, and blockchain that could transform the ways music is created, distributed, monetized, and experienced.

New technologies can help artists:

The trick for artists and their teams is approaching and engaging with technology thoughtfully, in a way that actually achieves their specific creative and career goals.

Building off of several years of research and case-study analysis on music and tech, we’re thrilled to release our most extensive Starter Pack yet: A comprehensive, practical guide on emerging tech for independent artists.

This is designed to be an evergreen resource for any professionals — especially artists, artist team members, and startup founders — who are eager to bridge the latest emerging-tech trends in entertainment with the critical perspective needed to architect a truly impactful creative strategy.

Key features include:

We hope our guide serves as a valuable toolkit for the independent sector as we collectively continue to navigate the dynamic, fast-paced landscape of emerging technologies. We welcome your questions, feedback, and corrections at any time — please reach out at

You can view the full guide for free below:

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