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The Score: Was Justin Bieber’s first in-game concert a success?

September 12, 2022

The Score is a new, collaborative editorial vertical exploring the intersection of music and video games.

In our Season 2 research on music and the metaverse, we identified gaming as one of the hottest entry points for today’s artists to create and monetize visually immersive, interactive experiences around their music. Yet, the gaming industry also remains as misunderstood as it is overhyped, and carries a much richer diversity in experiences, perspectives, and formats than might make it into the mainstream media.

This column will seek to break down these gaps in understanding for a music-industry audience — highlighting of-the-moment opportunities for artists and their teams to collaborate with gaming companies of all shapes and sizes, across mobile, PC, and console games. Every two weeks, Water & Music member Mat Ombler will break down an underrated music/gaming case study — outlining specific insights around monetization models, marketing strategies, and creative tooling, while contextualizing the case study against higher-level business and technology trends. Our aim is for each issue to leave readers not only more informed, but also inspired to experiment and push the boundaries of what’s possible with music and gaming partnerships. —-

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