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How artist-friendly are music streaming platforms? Part 3: Data analytics

September 25, 2023

This is Part 3 of our five-part series comparing For Artists features on streaming platforms. Catch up on Part 1 and Part 2.

In part 2 of our “For Artists” series comparing features on streaming platforms, we demonstrated how independent artists can use these tools to brand themselves better, and customize the listening experience for those visiting their artist profiles. Our full product feature matrix demonstrates which music streaming services offer the most options for artists to make their profiles richer, through the ability to add detailed artist bios, imagery, featured music, artist-curated playlists, and more.

While there is incentive for artists to utilize FA platforms to unify their brand and listener experience across multiple DSPs, the main priority for artists accessing these platforms is to receive detailed consumption data and listener demographics from that particular DSP. 

Today, the level of detail for music consumption and listener demographics data is the highest at the source of listening — the DSPs themselves. A third-party music distribution platform can show an independent artist the number of streams and downloads of a song across each individual DSP in a consolidated dashboard, but that’s about it. More granular data in areas like audience segmentation and editorial playlist inclusion will need to come directly from the DSPs.

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