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Srishti Das (Founder, Hivewire) on music strategy for emerging markets

August 19, 2023

Music artists and brands outside the US and Europe are increasingly dominating the charts and driving industry-leading innovations in music-tech products, fan experiences, and business models.

Importantly, though, understanding the opportunity in these markets is not just about checking off marketing checkboxes on consumption numbers, dollars, or shiny features. It’s about appreciating the unique cultural, social, and economic nuances that shape local tastes, consumption patterns, and creative innovations over time.

Last week, we brought in Srishti Das — founder of Hivewire, previously a consultant at MIDiA Research and music publishing liaison at JioSaavn — to dive into how to approach music strategy for emerging markets more thoughtfully and holistically. We covered the rise of the “glocalization” buzzword and what it really means for artist strategy; nuances in social media behaviors for music fans across different markets; and key differences in marketing strategy for niche subcultures vs. big brands in an international context.

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