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Music DAO Deep Dives, Pt. 3: Mudd DAO’s generative music/Web3 infrastructure

January 26, 2022

This breakdown is part of an ongoing, members-only interview series focused on artist and label DAOs, as part of Season 1.5 of our ongoing collaborative research on music and Web3. The goal with this project is to make collective sense of the emerging, fast-moving ecosystem of music DAOs — not only giving structure to the current landscape and future possibility space for music DAOs from the perspectives of function, tech tooling and organizational design, but also identifying critical needs in the landscape that are still going unaddressed. All interviews in these series are conducted and written by members of the Water & Music community, and break down a music DAO’s approach to community design and onboarding, tech tooling, governance, treasury management and more. Core contributors lead weekly, members-only research calls every Wednesday in our private Discord server to dive deeper into takeaways from these interviews.


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