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Water & Music is a research and intelligence network for the new music business. Our mission is to make the music industry more innovative, cooperative, and transparent. We accomplish this through a social approach to knowledge exchange, building collaborative systems for music professionals to create, distribute, and discuss actionable, industry-leading insights.

Examples of these systems include:

Collaborative research projects and databases that leverage the multidisciplinary knowledge and experience of our professional network, with lines of inquiry determined bottom-up by our community’s needs.

• A private online community and in-person events network that serve as the de facto destinations for watercooler conversations among today’s industry innovators.

Peer-to-peer educational workshops that introduce our community to the perspectives of practitioners building the future of the industry.

We embrace a collective approach to operations and decision-making, empowering our community members to satisfy their own innate curiosities and pursue their own self-directed learning agendas and research projects. Through this process, we hope to elevate our members’ wider understanding of the music-industry landscape, and equip them with the tools and mindsets to navigate it successfully.

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