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Water & Music is a research and intelligence network for the new music business.

Our mission is to make the music industry more innovative, cooperative, and transparent. We accomplish this through a peer-to-peer approach to knowledge exchange that consistently beats the market on identifying trends in music, technology, and culture.

Our outputs include:

  • Newsletters and research projects on cutting-edge music-tech trends that leverage the multidisciplinary knowledge and experience of our professional network.
  • A private online community and in-person events network that serve as the de facto destinations for watercooler conversations among today’s industry innovators.
  • Events and educational workshops that introduce our community to the perspectives of practitioners building the future of the industry.

Through a transparent, community-informed approach to research and operations, we hope to elevate our collective understanding of the music-industry landscape, and equip our readers with the tools and mindsets to navigate it successfully.

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