The Score: Was Justin Bieber’s first in-game concert a success?
September 12 2022

Justin Bieber played his first-ever in-game concert in Garena Free Fire, a battle-royale game exclusive to mobile devices, on August 27, 2022. Did it generate the buzz and results that we expected!

The artist team, today & tomorrow: Takeaways from W&M Summer School 2022
September 09 2022

A recap of how we designed the latest iteration of the W&M Academy, and the main themes that our speakers shared with our community.

Splitting the difference: Music and Web3’s multiplayer problem
September 07 2022

Continuing Water & Music’s exploration of the legal maze around music and Web3, this article takes a closer look at nascent smart-contract developments around collaborative splits for Web3-native music releases.

CC: Hiring trends across community management, TikTok strategy, metaverse affairs, and more

Introducing our new, collaborative editorial vertical about the future of work in the music business. On a biweekly basis, our research team highlights the most interesting jobs emerging in music — “interesting” defined as involving new technologies, skill sets, strategic priorities, and cross-industry synergies like in gaming, fitness, and podcasts — as a vector for charting potential futures for the music industry as a whole.

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Key takeaways from our discussion on avatar rapper FN Meka
September 03 2022

The FN Meka debacle has more resonance from a branding/ethics perspective, than it does as a purely technological case study.

The Score: Blackpink, PUBG, and the rise of virtual concerts in mobile games
August 29 2022

Introducing our new, collaborative editorial vertical exploring the intersection of music and video games.

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Muse’s NFT album becomes first to hit the UK charts — but does it land?
August 25 2022

The FN Meka debacle has more resonance from a branding/ethics perspective, than it does as a purely technological case study.

Music NFT aggregators challenge the streaming status quo
August 05 2022

There is a new generation of alternative streaming and curation services being built on top of music NFTs, providing a crucial contextual and social layer on top of the wider music/Web3 ecosystem as it scales.

After the drop: Measuring the lifetime value of music NFTs
July 28 2022

A starting metrics framework for evaluating and comparing different music NFT drops over time, with a focus on tracking collector activity and gauging the overall community health of music NFT projects.

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The music metaverse is not free from red tape
July 27 2022
Choose your own adventure: A music metaverse path finder
July 13 2022

A self-directed guide for artists and their teams to explore the diverse set of entry points into musical metaverse experiences.

Currents: Live music DAOs and virtual merch
July 12 2022