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Discord digests
The music NFT pricing debate
June 10 2022
Chains & rails: How Songcamp builds community-first music infrastructure
June 06 2022

What if we treat the financial rails around music with the same level of creativity as the music itself?

Currents: Artist estates lean on metaverse tech to grow their audiences

Where the production and physical space limitations for this type of augmented reality inhibits scaling this type of experience to mass audiences, we can see the metaverse – with its many platforms and worlds, and with varying levels of interactivity – being a place where we see more of these estates extend their reach using new technologies.

Discord digests
The “TikTokification” of the music industry
June 02 2022
Currents: More legacy brands cross the Web2->Web3 bridge
May 24 2022
Discord digests
Should we stop using the term “music NFT”?
May 23 2022
Artificial intelligence
Left to our own devices: The state of creative AI tools for artists
May 20 2022

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are ushering in a whole new paradigm for music-making, where automated processes and tools are aiming to augment or even replace fundamental compositional and engineering skills.

DAO updates
The Water & Music Academy: An experiment in community-driven media education

How we created a music Web3 learning experience with and for our members — going from ideation to execution in just three months.

Discord digests
Discord digest #044: The piracy-to-Web3 pipeline, TikTok’s role as a record company
May 14 2022
Currents: New investments in AI music tools and music NFT platforms (despite the market slump)
May 11 2022
Music NFT sales in 2021: What we learned
May 06 2022

Over the last month, several contributors in the Water & Music community collaborated to analyze music NFT market dynamics, based on data from our members-only music NFT database. This report is the result — an in-depth analysis of 2021 music NFT sales by artist genre, platform/protocol, and label affiliation, covering over $86M worth of revenue, as well as a qualitative discussion of popular and emerging forms of utility that have emerged around the format in the last year.

Discord digests
Discord digest #043: Major-label dominance of Spotify playlists and “10k NFT projects”
April 29 2022