How to use Discord as an artist
June 22 2023

Millions of musicians, fatigued by the algorithms of traditional social media, are turning to the community-first platform. But how does it work? And how do you get the most out of it?

Artificial intelligence
The cost of automation: How AI will affect the livelihoods of working musicians
June 20 2023

Recent AI advances have caused equal parts excitement and existential fear, as artists grapple with the implications of an increasingly automated future.

Artificial intelligence
Building a new AI music format, with Bronze CEO Lex Dromgoole

“I think we need to move beyond recordings. We have to express the model itself.”

Music merchandise keeps artists afloat. But how does it work?
June 15 2023

As revenue streams for artists become more precarious over time, merchandise has stepped in as a dependable alternative. At their best, these items can be artistic statements in their own right.

[LISTEN] AudioShake’s Jessica Powell on music startup challenges and the “new possibilities” with music AI

Jessica is the cofounder/CEO of AudioShake, a music startup that uses AI to break down songs into separate stems. They’ve raised several million dollars in funding, most recently led by celebrity investors like Metallica and Miley Cyrus.

Artificial intelligence
The best music-making AI tools and how to use them
June 14 2023

Compared to tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney, music-making AI is behind the curve. But what’s coming next? And how can these tools help producers?

Artificial intelligence
Making music with AI? Start with these ethical guidelines
June 08 2023

Is there a chance to creatively and ethically leverage the power of this technology to further our work? Here’s a framework to make it happen.

Artificial intelligence
The time-to-banger tradeoff

The more we delve into music AI software beyond the major DAWs, the more we feel the silent hand of the “time-to-fun” metric at work.

[LISTEN] Amber Atherton on building virtual communities: Start small and niche
May 31 2023

Amber is an investor and founder (her community software startup Zyper was ​acquired​ by Discord) and author of the book ​The Rise of Virtual Communities​.

[LISTEN] Balancing niche and mainstream on the road to Web3 adoption

For many observers, it can feel like Web3 is in the grips of an identity crisis.

Artificial intelligence
Google, MusicLM, and music AI’s UX problem
May 30 2023

We’ve been pondering when music will get its “Midjourney moment” — namely, when high-quality song creation will become as easy for the everyday user as clicking a button.

The Score
What Fortnite Creative Mode’s payout model means for music
May 29 2023

The way the gaming industry is approaching creator payments could be a critical reference as rights holders continue to push for reform in streaming payout models at large.