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After the drop: Measuring the lifetime value of music NFTs
July 28 2022

A starting metrics framework for evaluating and comparing different music NFT drops over time, with a focus on tracking collector activity and gauging the overall community health of music NFT projects.

Discord digests
The music metaverse is not free from red tape
July 27 2022
Choose your own adventure: A music metaverse path finder
July 13 2022

A self-directed guide for artists and their teams to explore the diverse set of entry points into musical metaverse experiences.

Currents: Live music DAOs and virtual merch
July 12 2022
Meeting in the musical metaverse: Expectations vs. reality
July 11 2022

Cutting through the hype to present tangible, focused opportunities for growth and improvement around one of the most in-demand and fundamental use cases for musical metaverse experiences today: Having fun with friends.

3 ways to bring your music into the metaverse
July 08 2022

A diverse set of ideas to monetize music IP and engage meaningfully with fans in the metaverse, across three main categories: Creating visually immersive content, licensing music IP directly to platforms’ content libraries, and making artist IP available for user identity and expression.

9 design principles for a musical metaverse
July 06 2022

A set of nine artist- and fan-centric design principles for building the next generation of musical metaverse experiences.

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Scaling music/Web3 will take a village
June 29 2022
Artificial intelligence
Paradigm shifts: How AI will transform music creation in the next 10 years
June 23 2022
Currents: Web3 is dead. Long live Web3
June 22 2022

Where the production and physical space limitations for this type of augmented reality inhibits scaling this type of experience to mass audiences, we can see the metaverse – with its many platforms and worlds, and with varying levels of interactivity – being a place where we see more of these estates extend their reach using new technologies.

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The music industry reacts to the bear market
June 20 2022
Music NFT contract template V2: Off-chain benefits
June 15 2022

In response to growing demand and market activity, we’ve updated our music NFT contract builder to include off-chain, IRL benefits around merchandise and access, which comprise some of the fastest-growing forms of utility around music NFTs.