Agile research: How we put together $STREAM Season 1
January 14 2022

Lifting the veil on our process of putting together $STREAM Season 1 and highlighting what did — and didn’t — work about our highly emergent, agile approach to research.

Analyzing fan sentiment of music NFT drops
December 17 2021
Behind the headlines: Analyzing Web3 onboarding strategies for music fans
December 16 2021

Despite headlines about big sales and big possibilities for artists’ futures in Web3, a close examination of fan onboarding tactics suggest there will be numerous hurdles before this possibility becomes a reality.

The state of music/Web3 tools for artists
December 15 2021

The shape of music/Web3 tooling is more exciting and diverse than ever before. New platforms are launching weekly to help artists leverage NFTs, social tokens and DAO infrastructure to create new economic models around creativity and fan engagement.

Defining music NFT ownership, from the digital to the analog world
December 14 2021

Music NFT headlines this year have focused on astronomical sales… but what is actually being sold?

音乐 NFT 会迎来他们的 PFP 时刻吗?
December 13 2021
Will music NFTs ever get their PFP moment?

2021 has seen a flurry of new generative music NFT project launches, but they have yet to see the same consumer demand or financial upside as their immensely popular visual counterparts.

Database updates
The week in music, tech and crypto: NFT ticketing, link-in-bio consolidation and the crypto/gaming opportunity
November 16 2021
Introducing $STREAM: A new tokenized research framework for the music industry
November 12 2021
Database updates
The week in music, tech and crypto: NFT royalty investments, VR music games, indie distributor consolidation and more
November 08 2021
The creator economy is growing much faster than music streaming
November 03 2021
Database updates
The week in music, tech and crypto: UnitedMasters’ new cash, new music DAOs and more
October 29 2021