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Starter Pack: Music streaming platform models
July 14 2023

A comprehensive introduction to music streaming platforms, their underlying payment models, and their consequences for artists’ career and release strategies.

Music copyright fundamentals (with Dani Balcells and Chris Cooke)
April 26 2023
Starter Pack: Music and brand partnerships
April 03 2023

Securing an endorsement deal is no longer a matter of “selling out”; for many artists, it’s a matter of survival.

Mapping the fan journey in music and Web3
March 29 2023

Analyzing the fan journey in music and Web3 from project discovery to post-mint community engagement, based on interviews with 22 music NFT collectors and subject-matter experts.

Music NFTs in Latin America: Collaborative database
March 23 2023

A first-of-its-kind snapshot into the distinct imprint of music NFTs in Latin America, outlining the ecosystem’s key region-specific characteristics and trends.

Starter Packs
Starter Pack: Digital music curation
March 20 2023

If the music industry is an orchestra, curation is like its conductor — arranging and guiding otherwise disparate artists, scenes, and styles into a dynamic, narrative whole that is much greater than the sum of its parts.

Starter Packs
Starter Pack: Music in virtual worlds
March 06 2023

Music’s potential in virtual worlds is much more than just a game.

Artificial intelligence
WATCH — The latest music AI tools in action from Never Before Heard Sounds, Harmonai, and more
February 28 2023

Over the last few months, three teams working on the bleeding edge of music AI technology led private workshops for the Water & Music community, as part of our Season 3 research on creative AI for the music industry.

Starter Packs
Starter Pack: Digital music marketing
February 20 2023

In today’s crowded landscape, the best moat you can invest in as an artist is a strong, memorable brand — which comes downstream of good marketing.

Artificial intelligence
Temp check: AI sentiment across the music industry
February 16 2023

Understand how music-industry stakeholders are currently leveraging and thinking about creative AI, including cross-industry patterns in AI-related needs and sentiments.

Artificial intelligence
AI and music copyright: A field guide for artists and developers

Addressing artists’ legal questions about creative AI and ownership, through the lens of AI tools’ terms of use.

Artificial intelligence
Building a creative AI community: Extended interview

A comprehensive, first-of-its-kind framework for understanding the music AI tooling landscape, including greater transparency into tech stacks, use cases, and business models for all stakeholders in the music AI value chain.