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Introducing our new bootcamp on global music rights
January 30 2023

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve teamed up with experts around the world to create our third educational offering: A bootcamp on global music rights.

Starter Packs
Starter Packs: Music/Web3 data
January 23 2023

Data literacy is table stakes for making smart decisions about how to grow music careers and brands, and Web3 shouldn’t be any different.

Web3 and music rights: Our community weighs in
January 15 2023

2022 closed with a dynamic debate in the #web3 channel of the Water & Music Discord server about the role of aggregation and traditional IP law in the music NFT landscape.

Starter Packs
Starter Packs: New tech, old rights
January 09 2023

A new series unpacking essential foundational concepts for navigating music and tech.

NFTs de Música en LATAM: Principales aprendizajes
December 21 2022

Entender el universo alrededor de los NFTs de música de Latinoamérica tiene múltiples implicaciones: no solo es comprender la actualidad de una tecnología que puede cambiar las maneras de consumo cultural a nivel global, es además la posibilidad de visibilizar en tiempo real cuales son los principales aprendizajes que dejan las experiencias ya realizadas en este paradigma y con esto una primer foto sobre la capacidad de adaptación de los proyectos de música con la utilización de las tecnologías actuales. 

From ZKPs to the future of music/Web3: What we learned at DevCon
October 20 2022

Connecting the dots between the more technical, cutting-edge discussions taking place among Ethereum developers, and what artists and the music industry can expect (and how they can best prepare) in terms of potential upcoming changes to music/Web3 apps and use cases.