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Takeaways from our inaugural music marketing data bootcamp
November 13 2023

In October 2023, Water & Music joined forces with music data consultancy Music Tomorrow to put on our inaugural Music Marketing Data Bootcamp, which gave students a comprehensive introduction to music data and the pivotal role it plays across the digital marketing lifecycle.

Music DAO Deep Dives, Pt. 10: Why the Holly+ DAO is taking it slow
March 05 2022

Holly+ is an artist DAO, built around the eponymous machine-learning tool that allows anyone to clone the voice of experimental electronic artist Holly Herndon. At its heart, Holly+ hopes to use a combination of emerging technologies to decentralize creativity.

Music DAO Deep Dives, Pt. 6: Why AmpledDAO does not exist (yet)
February 09 2022

Ampled is a digital cooperative building a paid membership platform that is 100% owned by its artists, workers and community. Founded in 2019 by a group of designers, software engineers and musicians, Ampled helps artists gain sustainable and predictable income in today’s streaming economy. The cooperative is currently incorporated as an LLC, and is evaluating a DAO structure as a means to give the organization more long-term financial sustainability.

The “waterfall” strategy for monetizing music livestreams: An updated guide for emerging artists
December 14 2020

Any artist at any career stage can start thinking early on about how to increase the longevity of the art they create and distribute online.

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The “waterfall” strategy: A new way to monetize paid concert livestreams