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Discord digests
Discord digest #038: E-commerce for superfans
March 10 2022
Discord digests
Discord Digest #037: Epic’s Bandcamp acquisition and Web3 “innovation-washing”
March 03 2022

Well, it’s safe to say, nobody saw this one coming. Yesterday Epic Games (the blockbuster gaming studio behind Fortnite and Unreal Engine) announced that they are acquiring the much-loved independent music marketplace Bandcamp.

Discord digests
Discord Digest #036: Ye’s Stem Player and fraud as a Web3 feature
February 24 2022

Our community’s thoughts on the Donda 2 rollout, the complexities around DJ mixes on Spotify and Apple Music and why it’s so difficult to clamp down on fraud in Web3.

Community barometer
Community Barometer, Q1 2022: Our pulse on Web3, community-building and more
February 11 2022

Now that we’re easing our way into 2022, we thought now would be a good time to check in on how we’re feeling about the future of the music industry. Has the hype and excitement around tech trends in 2021 burned off — or has it morphed into something solid and sustainable?

Discord digests
Discord Digest #034: Our HitPiece teardown
February 02 2022

The HitPiece debacle crystallizes several key issues that crop up time and time again within the music NFT ecosystem.

Discord digests
Discord Digest #033: Spotify’s music/podcast clash
January 27 2022
Discord digests
Discord Digest #032: Web3 as an “exit strategy” for artists
January 19 2022
Introducing $STREAM: A new tokenized research framework for the music industry
November 12 2021
Community Member Q&A: Dave Godowsky, Head of Artist and Industry Relations at iZotope
September 07 2021
Inaugural Barometer Survey: The most pressing issues in music and tech right now
Community Q&As
Community Member Q&A: Michail Stangl, Head of Culture at Zora
July 29 2021
Community Member Q&A: Jennifer Bonita, Senior Manager, Artist Relations at Yousician
July 09 2021