Cherie Hu

Cherie is the founder and publisher of Water & Music and a longtime writer focused on music and technology. You can follow her on Twitter @cheriehu42.
Articles by this contributor
Comparing “For Artists” features on music streaming platforms
May 23 2023

Today’s music streaming platforms are increasingly trying to position their offerings as “artist-friendly.” But what does that phrase actually mean — and who’s doing it right?

Artificial intelligence
Starter Packs: Music AI deepfakes
April 18 2023

How deepfake songs actually work, how we got here, and what kinds of battles to expect moving forward.

Sidechain: Music NFT streaming apps under fire, FTX fallout impact, and songwriter challenges in Web3
December 11 2022

Capturing the W&M community’s unique, early-adopter, critical pulse on the music/Web3 landscape, backed by ongoing reporting from our Web3 research team that you won’t find elsewhere.

CC: A new product focus for music/Web3, plus industry-wide metaverse and LatAm roles
October 23 2022

Our new, collaborative editorial vertical about the future of work in the music business.

Artificial intelligence
Paradigm shifts: How AI will transform music creation in the next 10 years
June 23 2022
Chains & rails: How Songcamp builds community-first music infrastructure
June 06 2022

What if we treat the financial rails around music with the same level of creativity as the music itself?

Music DAO Deep Dives, Pt. 11: How $RAC pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with artist DAOs
March 07 2022

RAC DAO is the community of holders of independent electronic artist RAC’s eponymous social token, $RAC. In February 2022, he worked with HIFI Labs to launch a custom web portal known as “racOS” for his Web2 fans to claim $RAC tokens and access token-gated tracks and other exclusive content perks down the line. That same month, $RAC also became the first artist social token to be available on Coinbase Exchange.

Music DAO Deep Dives, Pt. 10: Why the Holly+ DAO is taking it slow
March 05 2022

Holly+ is an artist DAO, built around the eponymous machine-learning tool that allows anyone to clone the voice of experimental electronic artist Holly Herndon. At its heart, Holly+ hopes to use a combination of emerging technologies to decentralize creativity.

Agile research: How we put together $STREAM Season 1
January 14 2022

Lifting the veil on our process of putting together $STREAM Season 1 and highlighting what did — and didn’t — work about our highly emergent, agile approach to research.

Introducing $STREAM: A new tokenized research framework for the music industry
November 12 2021
The creator economy is growing much faster than music streaming
November 03 2021
How much are artists really making on Twitch?
October 18 2021