Cherie Hu

Cherie is the founder and publisher of Water & Music and a longtime writer focused on music and technology. You can follow her on Twitter @cheriehu42.
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Artificial intelligence
Tracking the real story behind all these “music AI ethics guidelines”
November 27 2023

For many music companies, AI “ethics” may be more about strategy and image than about genuine ethical practice.

Takeaways from our inaugural music marketing data bootcamp
November 13 2023

In October 2023, Water & Music joined forces with music data consultancy Music Tomorrow to put on our inaugural Music Marketing Data Bootcamp, which gave students a comprehensive introduction to music data and the pivotal role it plays across the digital marketing lifecycle.

Michael Pelczynski (Forms + Shapes) on what we get wrong about streaming economics
September 14 2023

Even as music streaming has gotten bigger and more scrutinized, there’s still widespread confusion and misunderstanding around the basics of how streaming economics really works.

Artificial intelligence
Three design tenets for music’s “Midjourney moment”
September 07 2023

There’s never been a more fruitful time to build in music AI.

Artificial intelligence
Inside Sony Computer Science Laboratories’ vision for music AI
September 01 2023

Sony Computer Science Laboratories has been quietly experimenting with creative AI tools for over 35 years. Crucially, they are also one of the only music AI research groups that already has a direct collaborative relationship with a major label.

Srishti Das (Founder, Hivewire) on music strategy for emerging markets
August 19 2023

Understanding the opportunity in “emerging markets” is not just about completing marketing checkboxes on consumption numbers, dollars, or shiny features. It’s about appreciating the unique cultural, social, and economic nuances that shape local tastes, consumption patterns, and creative innovations over time.

Andreea Gleeson (CEO, TuneCore) on music distribution in an AI-first world
August 05 2023

TuneCore has become one of the most vocal music-industry stakeholders when it comes to AI, taking a stance that is equal parts proactive and cautious.

Artificial intelligence
Building a new AI music format, with Bronze CEO Lex Dromgoole
June 20 2023

“I think we need to move beyond recordings. We have to express the model itself.”

New series: How artist-friendly are music streaming platforms?
May 23 2023

Today’s music streaming platforms are increasingly trying to position their offerings as “artist-friendly.” But what does that phrase actually mean — and who’s doing it right?

Artificial intelligence
Starter Pack: Music AI deepfakes
April 18 2023

How deepfake songs actually work, how we got here, and what kinds of battles to expect moving forward.

Sidechain: Music NFT streaming apps under fire, FTX fallout impact, and songwriter challenges in Web3
December 11 2022

Capturing the W&M community’s unique, early-adopter, critical pulse on the music/Web3 landscape, backed by ongoing reporting from our Web3 research team that you won’t find elsewhere.

CC: A new product focus for music/Web3, plus industry-wide metaverse and LatAm roles
October 23 2022

Our new, collaborative editorial vertical about the future of work in the music business.