Splitting the difference: Music and Web3’s multiplayer problem
September 07 2022

Continuing Water & Music’s exploration of the legal maze around music and Web3, this article takes a closer look at nascent smart-contract developments around collaborative splits for Web3-native music releases.

Music NFT aggregators challenge the streaming status quo
August 05 2022

There is a new generation of alternative streaming and curation services being built on top of music NFTs, providing a crucial contextual and social layer on top of the wider music/Web3 ecosystem as it scales.

9 design principles for a musical metaverse
July 06 2022

A set of nine artist- and fan-centric design principles for building the next generation of musical metaverse experiences.

Music DAO Deep Dives, Pt. 2: Sone’s vision for public music goods
January 25 2022

Sone is a music DAO spun off from the longstanding indie record label Topshelf Records. The ultimate vision for Sone is not necessarily to build a “Web3 label,” but rather to produce public goods for music.

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