[LISTEN] un:hurd’s Alex Brees on streamlining marketing for independent artists
July 04 2023

Last week, we were joined for a Water Cooler interview with Alex Brees, CEO of un:hurd — a platform which allows independent artists to create and automate targeted marketing campaigns.

Artificial intelligence
How we made an official GrimesAI banger
June 29 2023

It’s as much about distribution as it is about creation.

Artificial intelligence
Building a new AI music format, with Bronze CEO Lex Dromgoole
June 20 2023

“I think we need to move beyond recordings. We have to express the model itself.”

[LISTEN] AudioShake’s Jessica Powell on music startup challenges and the “new possibilities” with music AI
June 15 2023

Jessica is the cofounder/CEO of AudioShake, a music startup that uses AI to break down songs into separate stems. They’ve raised several million dollars in funding, most recently led by celebrity investors like Metallica and Miley Cyrus.

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The best music-making AI tools and how to use them
June 14 2023

Compared to tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney, music-making AI is behind the curve. But what’s coming next? And how can these tools help producers?

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Starter Pack: Music AI deepfakes
April 18 2023

How deepfake songs actually work, how we got here, and what kinds of battles to expect moving forward.

Artificial intelligence
The music AI attribution problem
April 03 2023

Generative music AI models may be upending attribution as we know it in the music business.

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Voices “R” Us: The future of voice models in the music business
March 08 2023

Several tools exist today that allow artists and brands alike to generate high-quality, convincing AI voices with just minutes of training data.

Artificial intelligence
What musicians REALLY want from creative AI tools
March 01 2023

Hint: Yes, it really is about the music.

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WATCH — The latest music AI tools in action from Never Before Heard Sounds, Harmonai, and more
February 28 2023

Over the last few months, three teams working on the bleeding edge of music AI technology led private workshops for the Water & Music community, as part of our Season 3 research on creative AI for the music industry.

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AI and music copyright: A field guide for artists and developers
February 16 2023

Addressing artists’ legal questions about creative AI and ownership, through the lens of AI tools’ terms of use.

Artificial intelligence
Building a creative AI community: Extended interview

A comprehensive, first-of-its-kind framework for understanding the music AI tooling landscape, including greater transparency into tech stacks, use cases, and business models for all stakeholders in the music AI value chain.