Artificial intelligence
Inside Sony Computer Science Laboratories’ vision for music AI
September 01 2023

Sony Computer Science Laboratories has been quietly experimenting with creative AI tools for over 35 years. Crucially, they are also one of the only music AI research groups that already has a direct collaborative relationship with a major label.

The Score: More game studios experimenting with virtual K-pop groups
February 15 2023

Following the growing interest in music and gaming, we’re excited to announce a new format for The Score: A monthly newsletter distributed for free to all Water & Music newsletter subscribers. Each issue will round up and analyze the biggest music and gaming stories of the month, through Water & Music’s unique industry lens — forever curious about the latest tech innovations and eager to dive into the weeds, while also pulling out actionable insights grounded in music-industry needs and challenges.

Sidechain: Future Tape joins Zora, new music/Web3 protocols, and new case studies in royalty-backed NFTs
October 12 2022

Introducing our new, collaborative editorial vertical dedicated to tracking the music/Web3 landscape.

Sidechain: Venice, Warner Music, and more cross the Web2/Web3 bridge
September 20 2022

Introducing our new, collaborative editorial vertical dedicated to tracking the music/Web3 landscape.

Music DAO Deep Dives, Pt. 2: Sone’s vision for public music goods
January 25 2022

Sone is a music DAO spun off from the longstanding indie record label Topshelf Records. The ultimate vision for Sone is not necessarily to build a “Web3 label,” but rather to produce public goods for music.

Music DAO Deep Dives, Pt. 1: Dreams Never Die puts community before tech
January 19 2022

This breakdown is part of an ongoing, members-only interview series focused on artist and label DAOs, as part of Season 1.5 of our ongoing collaborative research on music and Web3.

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