Starter Packs
Starter Pack: Digital music marketing
February 20 2023

In today’s crowded landscape, the best moat you can invest in as an artist is a strong, memorable brand — which comes downstream of good marketing.

Starter Packs
Starter Pack: New music communities
February 06 2023

The concept of community has risen to a new level of prominence in the last few years as a critical source of social and commercial resilience in artists’ careers.

Wavelengths 003: Crafting superfan experiences, from the physical to the digital
February 02 2023

As touring and streaming increasingly fail to present sustainable revenue streams to middle class artists, it’s never been more critical for artists to find their true fans — fans that will follow their artists throughout their careers, across projects and platforms.

Meeting in the musical metaverse: Expectations vs. reality
July 11 2022

Cutting through the hype to present tangible, focused opportunities for growth and improvement around one of the most in-demand and fundamental use cases for musical metaverse experiences today: Having fun with friends.

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