The evolution of artist analytics on music streaming platforms
September 25 2023

Artists and their teams are increasingly prioritizing access to specific data on listener consumption habits and demographics in their DSP strategies.

Comparing the listener and fan experience across streaming platforms

By and large, artists are still limited in terms of what they can present to new listeners or fans on DSPs beyond just their music.

Register now: Our new bootcamp on music, marketing, and data
August 23 2023

A comprehensive introduction to the state of music data and the pivotal role it plays in digital music marketing — from high-level strategy and benchmarking to discoverability, fan development, and more.

What it really means to be “fan-first”
August 21 2023

Connecting artists and fans is one of the most critical functions of the music industry. It’s also facing an onslaught of new challenges, as technology expands fandom into a hyper-speed, 24/7 business.

[LISTEN] un:hurd’s Alex Brees on streamlining marketing for independent artists
July 04 2023

Last week, we were joined for a Water Cooler interview with Alex Brees, CEO of un:hurd — a platform which allows independent artists to create and automate targeted marketing campaigns.

Modern-day fan forums: The renaissance in online music communities
June 30 2023

Next-gen ventures such as the metaverse, interactive livestreaming, and chat apps want to re-center the music industry around fans — a move that could make artists and businesses more financially self-sufficient.

How to use Discord as an artist
June 22 2023

Millions of musicians, fatigued by the algorithms of traditional social media, are turning to the community-first platform. But how does it work? And how do you get the most out of it?

Music merchandise keeps artists afloat. But how does it work?
June 15 2023

As revenue streams for artists become more precarious over time, merchandise has stepped in as a dependable alternative. At their best, these items can be artistic statements in their own right.

[LISTEN] Amber Atherton on building virtual communities: Start small and niche
May 31 2023

Amber is an investor and founder (her community software startup Zyper was ​acquired​ by Discord) and author of the book ​The Rise of Virtual Communities​.

The Score
What Fortnite Creative Mode’s payout model means for music
May 29 2023

The way the gaming industry is approaching creator payments could be a critical reference as rights holders continue to push for reform in streaming payout models at large.

Comparing “For Artists” features on music streaming platforms
May 23 2023

Today’s music streaming platforms are increasingly trying to position their offerings as “artist-friendly.” But what does that phrase actually mean — and who’s doing it right?

Web3 music strategy in a bear market: Tips from our community
April 17 2023

For many artists and their teams, it feels like the Web3 playbook — which had barely been written in the first place — has once again been ripped up.