The Score: How Beatstar generated $73M in revenue — including $16M to rightsholders — in year one
November 21 2022

In September 2022, Space Ape Games announced that its mobile rhythm game Beatstar had generated $73 million in revenue — and shared over $16 million of its income with rightsholders, in a revenue-share model that is almost unheard of in the video game industry.

3 ways to bring your music into the metaverse
July 08 2022

A diverse set of ideas to monetize music IP and engage meaningfully with fans in the metaverse, across three main categories: Creating visually immersive content, licensing music IP directly to platforms’ content libraries, and making artist IP available for user identity and expression.

Music NFT contract template V2: Off-chain benefits
June 15 2022

In response to growing demand and market activity, we’ve updated our music NFT contract builder to include off-chain, IRL benefits around merchandise and access, which comprise some of the fastest-growing forms of utility around music NFTs.

Definiendo la propiedad de los NFTs de música, del mundo digital al analógico
March 11 2022

En el año 2021, los titulares acerca de los NFTs de música se han centrado en los números de sus ventas astronómicas… y la pregunta sigue latente: ¿qué es lo que realmente se vende?

Structuring the law around Web3 music: A new modular music NFT contract framework
March 09 2022

This project began as an effort to create a “simple” music NFT contract template, as a follow-up to our high-level research from Season 1 on issues facing the music/Web3 ecosystem. Our modular template guides the user through different paths based on their answers, and outputs a custom PDF file that they can then attach on- or off-chain to their NFT releases.

Defining music NFT ownership, from the digital to the analog world
December 14 2021

Music NFT headlines this year have focused on astronomical sales… but what is actually being sold?

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Are music deepfakes considered fair use?
July 29 2021
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April 12 2021
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January 11 2021
The legal Achilles’ heel of the catalog buyout craze: Termination rights
January 08 2021

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December 29 2020
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What Google v. Oracle means for the music industry
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