Music DAO Deep Dives, Pt. 5: How Jonathan Mann built SongADAO from 4,000+ of his songs
February 08 2022

Independent artist Jonathan Mann built SongADAO as an ownership and decision-making layer on top of his daily songwriting project Song A Day, which has been running for over 13 years.

Music DAO Deep Dives, Pt. 4: Phlote’s “open-startup” approach to music curation
February 03 2022

Phlote is on a mission to create the most exciting music company on the internet, with a focus on using tokenomics and DAO infrastructure to redesign music curation, discovery and distribution.

Discord digests
Discord Digest #034: Our HitPiece teardown
February 02 2022

The HitPiece debacle crystallizes several key issues that crop up time and time again within the music NFT ecosystem.

Discord digests
Discord Digest #033: Spotify’s music/podcast clash
January 27 2022
Music DAO Deep Dives, Pt. 3: Mudd DAO’s generative music/Web3 infrastructure
January 26 2022

Mudd DAO is a self-described “decentralized, community-run record label at the forefront of collaborative creation and generative music.” The long-term vision of the DAO is to help more collaborators make more music together than ever thought possible through generative creative techniques, and to give that music a platform via decentralized distribution infrastructure.

Music DAO Deep Dives, Pt. 2: Sone’s vision for public music goods
January 25 2022

Sone is a music DAO spun off from the longstanding indie record label Topshelf Records. The ultimate vision for Sone is not necessarily to build a “Web3 label,” but rather to produce public goods for music.

Discord digests
Discord Digest #032: Web3 as an “exit strategy” for artists
January 19 2022
Music DAO Deep Dives, Pt. 1: Dreams Never Die puts community before tech

This breakdown is part of an ongoing, members-only interview series focused on artist and label DAOs, as part of Season 1.5 of our ongoing collaborative research on music and Web3.

Analyzing fan sentiment of music NFT drops
December 17 2021
Behind the headlines: Analyzing Web3 onboarding strategies for music fans
December 16 2021

Despite headlines about big sales and big possibilities for artists’ futures in Web3, a close examination of fan onboarding tactics suggest there will be numerous hurdles before this possibility becomes a reality.