The evolution of artist analytics on music streaming platforms
September 25 2023

Artists and their teams are increasingly prioritizing access to specific data on listener consumption habits and demographics in their DSP strategies.

Register now: Our new bootcamp on music, marketing, and data
August 23 2023

A comprehensive introduction to the state of music data and the pivotal role it plays in digital music marketing — from high-level strategy and benchmarking to discoverability, fan development, and more.

Artificial intelligence
Starter Pack: Music AI deepfakes
April 18 2023

How deepfake songs actually work, how we got here, and what kinds of battles to expect moving forward.

Starter Pack: Music and brand partnerships
April 03 2023

Securing an endorsement deal is no longer a matter of “selling out”; for many artists, it’s a matter of survival.

Starter Packs
Starter Pack: Music/Web3 data
January 23 2023

Data literacy is table stakes for making smart decisions about how to grow music careers and brands, and Web3 shouldn’t be any different.

Starter Packs
Starter Pack: New tech, old rights
January 09 2023

A new series unpacking essential foundational concepts for navigating music and tech.

Request for support: The unexpected labyrinth of music marketing ROI
January 05 2023

Outlining the challenges we’ve faced in attempting to build a public database of music marketing ROI benchmarks, and what they reveal about the way the music industry measures growth and success.

NFTs de Música en LATAM: Principales aprendizajes
December 21 2022

Entender el universo alrededor de los NFTs de música de Latinoamérica tiene múltiples implicaciones: no solo es comprender la actualidad de una tecnología que puede cambiar las maneras de consumo cultural a nivel global, es además la posibilidad de visibilizar en tiempo real cuales son los principales aprendizajes que dejan las experiencias ya realizadas en este paradigma y con esto una primer foto sobre la capacidad de adaptación de los proyectos de música con la utilización de las tecnologías actuales. 

Sidechain: Music NFT streaming apps under fire, FTX fallout impact, and songwriter challenges in Web3
December 11 2022

Capturing the W&M community’s unique, early-adopter, critical pulse on the music/Web3 landscape, backed by ongoing reporting from our Web3 research team that you won’t find elsewhere.

CC: Hiring resurgence for virtual events and music data analytics
November 25 2022

Our dedicated editorial vertical covering the future of work in the music business.

A needs-driven approach to music NFT metadata
October 12 2022

A proposal for a more minimalist, needs-driven approach to ironing out a music NFT metadata schema, grounded in emerging contextual use cases around the artist/fan journey in Web3.

Artificial intelligence
Left to our own devices: The state of creative AI tools for artists
May 20 2022

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are ushering in a whole new paradigm for music-making, where automated processes and tools are aiming to augment or even replace fundamental compositional and engineering skills.