New pathways: Analyzing music NFT release strategies from underrepresented genres
October 25 2022

We interviewed nearly 20 different artists and community leaders from underrepresented genres in Web3, to learn about the role of genre in shaping long-term branding strategies as well as artist sentiment around the technology.

The artist team, today & tomorrow: Takeaways from W&M Summer School 2022
September 09 2022

A recap of how we designed the latest iteration of the W&M Academy, and the main themes that our speakers shared with our community.

Music NFT sales in 2021: What we learned
May 06 2022

Over the last month, several contributors in the Water & Music community collaborated to analyze music NFT market dynamics, based on data from our members-only music NFT database. This report is the result — an in-depth analysis of 2021 music NFT sales by artist genre, platform/protocol, and label affiliation, covering over $86M worth of revenue, as well as a qualitative discussion of popular and emerging forms of utility that have emerged around the format in the last year.

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