Artificial intelligence
The time-to-banger tradeoff
June 08 2023

The more we delve into music AI software beyond the major DAWs, the more we feel the silent hand of the “time-to-fun” metric at work.

Artificial intelligence
Google, MusicLM, and music AI’s UX problem
May 30 2023

We’ve been pondering when music will get its “Midjourney moment” — namely, when high-quality song creation will become as easy for the everyday user as clicking a button.

Starter Packs
Starter Pack: New music communities
February 06 2023

The concept of community has risen to a new level of prominence in the last few years as a critical source of social and commercial resilience in artists’ careers.

Artificial intelligence
A field guide to the latest music AI tidal wave
February 01 2023

10 new AI models for music and audio generation have been unveiled in the last month alone. Some of these are home-grown models from anonymous contributors; others are part of master’s theses; still others have come from AI research groups at big-tech juggernauts like Google and ByteDance.

CC: Hiring competition for creator tools, plus NYC’s new salary transparency law
November 10 2022

Our new, collaborative editorial vertical about the future of work in the music business.

Artificial intelligence
Paradigm shifts: How AI will transform music creation in the next 10 years
June 23 2022
The creator economy is growing much faster than music streaming
November 03 2021
Beyond the band-aid: How to create the music livestreaming platform of the future, now
March 16 2021
The case for bringing more musicians and music-industry execs to VidCon
January 11 2021
The direct-to-fan tech stack for artists
August 22 2020
Is music streaming part of the “passion economy”? It’s complicated.
June 19 2020
The music industry needs its own “no-code” awakening
July 11 2019