Takeaways from our inaugural music marketing data bootcamp
November 13 2023

In October 2023, Water & Music joined forces with music data consultancy Music Tomorrow to put on our inaugural Music Marketing Data Bootcamp, which gave students a comprehensive introduction to music data and the pivotal role it plays across the digital marketing lifecycle.

How artist-friendly are music streaming platforms? Part 4: Fan marketing and e-commerce
October 30 2023

While many industry commentators continue to cite royalty payout rates as a primary concern with DSPs, few conversations address the issue of DSPs gating direct listener connections, leaving potentially massive monetization opportunities on the table for artists.

Artificial intelligence
Ed Newton-Rex (VP Audio, Stability AI) on building the next wave of music AI tools
September 28 2023

On September 13, 2023, Stability AI launched their text-to-audio generation tool Stable Audio, the latest addition to a rapidly accelerating wave of development around music AI this year.

Michael Pelczynski (Forms + Shapes) on what we get wrong about streaming economics
September 14 2023

Even as music streaming has gotten bigger and more scrutinized, there’s still widespread confusion and misunderstanding around the basics of how streaming economics really works.

What it really means to be “fan-first”
August 21 2023

Connecting artists and fans is one of the most critical functions of the music industry. It’s also facing an onslaught of new challenges, as technology expands fandom into a hyper-speed, 24/7 business.

Srishti Das (Founder, Hivewire) on music strategy for emerging markets
August 19 2023

Understanding the opportunity in “emerging markets” is not just about completing marketing checkboxes on consumption numbers, dollars, or shiny features. It’s about appreciating the unique cultural, social, and economic nuances that shape local tastes, consumption patterns, and creative innovations over time.

Andreea Gleeson (CEO, TuneCore) on music distribution in an AI-first world
August 05 2023

TuneCore has become one of the most vocal music-industry stakeholders when it comes to AI, taking a stance that is equal parts proactive and cautious.

Starter Pack: Music streaming platform models
July 14 2023

A comprehensive introduction to music streaming platforms, their underlying payment models, and their consequences for artists’ career and release strategies.

Modern-day fan forums: The renaissance in online music communities
June 30 2023

Next-gen ventures such as the metaverse, interactive livestreaming, and chat apps want to re-center the music industry around fans — a move that could make artists and businesses more financially self-sufficient.

Artificial intelligence
How we made an official GrimesAI banger
June 29 2023

It’s as much about distribution as it is about creation.

How to use Discord as an artist
June 22 2023

Millions of musicians, fatigued by the algorithms of traditional social media, are turning to the community-first platform. But how does it work? And how do you get the most out of it?

Artificial intelligence
The cost of automation: How AI will affect the livelihoods of working musicians
June 20 2023

Recent AI advances have caused equal parts excitement and existential fear, as artists grapple with the implications of an increasingly automated future.