Discord digests
Discord digest #038: E-commerce for superfans
March 10 2022
Structuring the law around Web3 music: A new modular music NFT contract framework
March 09 2022

This project began as an effort to create a “simple” music NFT contract template, as a follow-up to our high-level research from Season 1 on issues facing the music/Web3 ecosystem. Our modular template guides the user through different paths based on their answers, and outputs a custom PDF file that they can then attach on- or off-chain to their NFT releases.

From protocols to people: A study of music NFT platforms’ onboarding strategies
March 08 2022

In this article, we aim to encapsulate the various strategies that music NFT platforms use to attract, onboard and retain their fans, collectors and artists in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

The state of music DAOs
March 07 2022

More than 30 online music and creator communities now self-identify as decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). Over the last two months, we interviewed more than 15 leaders from a wide range of music DAOs to gain perspective on possibilities for their respective organizations in this emerging framework, using Web3 tools and strategies unavailable to the traditional music industry. Ultimately, we found the leaders we spoke with viewed the concept of a DAO not as technical infrastructure, but rather as an abstract social signal to mobilize online communities. Their approach and perspective differed — sometimes vastly — from the token-focused or on-chain-dependent ethos common to many protocol-centric DAOs that came before them.

$STREAM Season 1.5: Scaffolding our research in music and Web3
Music DAO Deep Dives, Pt. 11: How $RAC pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with artist DAOs

RAC DAO is the community of holders of independent electronic artist RAC’s eponymous social token, $RAC. In February 2022, he worked with HIFI Labs to launch a custom web portal known as “racOS” for his Web2 fans to claim $RAC tokens and access token-gated tracks and other exclusive content perks down the line. That same month, $RAC also became the first artist social token to be available on Coinbase Exchange.

Music DAO Deep Dives, Pt. 10: Why the Holly+ DAO is taking it slow
March 05 2022

Holly+ is an artist DAO, built around the eponymous machine-learning tool that allows anyone to clone the voice of experimental electronic artist Holly Herndon. At its heart, Holly+ hopes to use a combination of emerging technologies to decentralize creativity.

Discord digests
Discord Digest #037: Epic’s Bandcamp acquisition and Web3 “innovation-washing”
March 03 2022

Well, it’s safe to say, nobody saw this one coming. Yesterday Epic Games (the blockbuster gaming studio behind Fortnite and Unreal Engine) announced that they are acquiring the much-loved independent music marketplace Bandcamp.

Music DAO Deep Dives, Pt. 9: Good Karma Records’ vision for a Web3-native, multi-token record label

Good Karma Records (GKR) is a record label DAO founded by the artist Grady Lee. Since raising 20ETH from 76 backers in November 2021, GKR has distributed its $KARMA governance tokens and voted on their first artist signing, Daz Merchant.

Database updates
From Spotify’s latest podcast acquisitions to more celebrity-backed metaverse startups: Our latest database updates
February 28 2022
Music DAO Deep Dives, Pt. 8: The vision behind Leaving Records’ $GENRE token
February 26 2022

Songcamp is a community founded by independent artist Matthew Chaim, with the goal of building more financially sustainable, decentralized infrastructure for like-minded artists to share their creative output and develop projects together. These projects are organized into “camps,” and one of these camps, the interactive musical storytelling and worldbuilding project Elektra, has transformed into a DAO.

Discord digests
Discord Digest #036: Ye’s Stem Player and fraud as a Web3 feature
February 24 2022

Our community’s thoughts on the Donda 2 rollout, the complexities around DJ mixes on Spotify and Apple Music and why it’s so difficult to clamp down on fraud in Web3.