Discord digests
Discord digest #044: The piracy-to-Web3 pipeline, TikTok’s role as a record company
May 14 2022
Currents: New investments in AI music tools and music NFT platforms (despite the market slump)
May 11 2022
Music NFT sales in 2021: What we learned
May 06 2022

Over the last month, several contributors in the Water & Music community collaborated to analyze music NFT market dynamics, based on data from our members-only music NFT database. This report is the result — an in-depth analysis of 2021 music NFT sales by artist genre, platform/protocol, and label affiliation, covering over $86M worth of revenue, as well as a qualitative discussion of popular and emerging forms of utility that have emerged around the format in the last year.

Discord digests
Discord digest #043: Major-label dominance of Spotify playlists and “10k NFT projects”
April 29 2022
Currents: Alternative blockchains for music NFTs and the rise of niche music “metaverses”
April 24 2022
Discord digests
Discord digest #042: Web3 data portability, artist metaverses and the “intricate house of cards” of streaming economics
April 22 2022
Discord digests
Discord digest #041: Decentralized curation economies and fizzling metaverse hype
April 15 2022
Currents: Trad media tries out Web3
April 12 2022
Discord digests
Discord digest #040: Spotify’s latest Loud & Clear report and NFTs as a back-catalog strategy
April 01 2022
Discord digests
Discord digest #039: UnitedMasters x Yuga Labs and the “real” value of streaming
March 24 2022
¿Tendrán los NFTs de música su momento PFP?
March 11 2022

2021 has seen a flurry of new generative music NFT project launches, but they have yet to see the same consumer demand or financial upside as their immensely popular visual counterparts.

Definiendo la propiedad de los NFTs de música, del mundo digital al analógico

En el año 2021, los titulares acerca de los NFTs de música se han centrado en los números de sus ventas astronómicas… y la pregunta sigue latente: ¿qué es lo que realmente se vende?